Ronja Scholz (CEO), and Juan Vargas (Communications & Partnerships) are passionate about finding solutions to the social and environmental challenges that humanity faces. We believe that creating solutions is the only way to get out of this mess. [ Click in the arrows to read short bio ]

Ronja Scholz — CEO

Juan Vargas — CCO

Team of Experts & Partners

We are currently working with a team of experts in the different sectors that comprise a city, as well as some experts in software and game development. They help us make sure that the simulation doesn’t leave out any important aspect, while they help us define what functionality is needed for the Minimum Viable Product, and what are the best ways to develop the simulation as it grows. [ Click in the arrows below to read short bio of the experts ]

Sebastian Uribe — (Argentinian @ Berlin)

Evandro Holz (Brazilian @ Berlin) — Construction & Sustainable Urban Development

Puki Bauer (German @ Berlin) — Urban Ecosystem Management

Blake Robinson (South African @ Cape Town) — Sustainable Cities

Taro Granato (German @ Berlin) — Spatial Design

Christian Winkelmann (Chilean @ Berlin/Tokyo) — Renewable Energy & Storage

Ricardo Sánchez (Colombian @ Bogotá) — Sustainable Agriculture

Christian Aranibar (Bolivian @ Berlin) — Water Resources Management